Category: Warehouses - Rice |

  32nd St., Bet. 84th and 85th St., Other.Tsp, Mandalay

  02-33399 , 09-43059925

Category: Warehouses - Rice |

  Cor. 30th St. and 86th St., Htone Bo Tan, Other.Tsp, Mandalay

  02-33664 , 02-24994

Category: Warehouses - Rice |

  86th St., Bet. 29th St. and 30th St., Other.Tsp, Mandalay

  02-28813 , 02-25380

Category: Warehouses - Rice |

  Salon-57, 7th St., Kywe Se Kan. Other.Tsp, Mandalay

  02-70709 , 02-70600

Category: Water Treatment Equipment |

  A-7, 42nd St., Bet. 65th and 66th St., Maha Aung Myay .Tsp, Mandalay


Category: Water Treatment Equipment |

  Ma-2/5, 63rd St., Bet. 43rd and Theikpan St., Maha Aung Myay .Tsp, Mandalay

  09-43127899 , 09-402700098

Category: Web Design and Development |

  New Century Resource Centre, 80th St., Bet. 34th and 35th St. Other.Tsp, Mandalay

  09-43103530 , 09-450455263

Category: Wood and Lumber |

  NyaNya-1/29, Mingyi Yan Naung St., Cor. of 62nd St., Pyi Gyi Tagun .Tsp, Mandalay

  09-5154320 , 09-2037848

Category: Wood Coating |

  26th St., Bet. 59th and 60th St., Chan Aye Thazan.Tsp, Mandalay

  02-2844510 , 09-2053592

Category: X - Ray and Ultrasound Clinics |

  95, 31st St., Bet. 74th and 75th St., Mawyagiwah Ward, Chan Aye Thazan.Tsp, Mandalay

  02-66112 , 09-2007321



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